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Assimil - Novi Italijanski Bez Muke.pdf.rar

Assimil - Novi Italijanski Bez Muke.pdf.rar

Assimil - Novi Italijanski Bez Muke.pdf.rar is a file name that refers to a compressed archive containing a PDF document of a language learning course. The course is called "Novi italijanski bez muke" (New Italian without effort) and it is part of the Assimil method, a popular and effective way to learn foreign languages.

What is the Assimil method?

The Assimil method is a self-teaching system that allows learners to acquire a new language through intuitive assimilation. It was created by Alphonse Chérel, a French polyglot, in 1929. The method consists of two phases: the passive phase and the active phase. In the passive phase, learners listen to and read dialogues in the target language, accompanied by translations and notes in their native language. They repeat the sentences aloud and try to understand the meaning and the grammar. In the active phase, learners start to produce sentences in the target language, using the dialogues as models. They also review the previous lessons and do some exercises to reinforce their learning.

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What is "Novi italijanski bez muke"?

"Novi italijanski bez muke" is a course that teaches Italian to speakers of Serbian. It was written by Giovanna Galdo and Ena Marchi, two Italian linguists, and translated by Branko Rakić, a Serbian translator. It was published by Riznica lepih reči, a Serbian publishing house, in 2005. The course consists of 100 lessons that cover the basics of Italian grammar, vocabulary, and culture. Each lesson has a dialogue, a translation, some notes, and some exercises. The course also comes with four audio CDs that contain the recordings of the dialogues by native speakers.

Why is "Assimil - Novi Italijanski Bez Muke.pdf.rar" popular?

"Assimil - Novi Italijanski Bez Muke.pdf.rar" is a popular file name because it allows people to download and access the course for free. The file is hosted on various platforms, such as SoundCloud , where users can stream or download it. However, this practice is illegal and unethical, as it violates the intellectual property rights of the authors and the publishers. Moreover, it deprives learners of the benefits of having a physical copy of the book and the CDs, which are essential for following the Assimil method properly.

How to get "Novi italijanski bez muke" legally?

The best way to get "Novi italijanski bez muke" legally is to buy it from an authorized seller. The course can be ordered online from the official website of Assimil or from other online retailers. Alternatively, it can be purchased from local bookstores or libraries that carry Assimil products. By buying the course legally, learners can support the work of the authors and the publishers, as well as enjoy a high-quality learning experience.


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