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Pablo Giussani Montoneros La Soberbia Armada Pdf Download

Pablo Giussani Montoneros La Soberbia Armada PDF Download

Are you interested in learning more about the history of the Montoneros, a leftist guerrilla group that fought against the military dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s? If so, you might want to check out the book Montoneros, la soberbia armada (Montoneros, the armed arrogance) by Pablo Giussani, a journalist and historian who interviewed many former members and leaders of the organization.

The book, first published in 1984, is considered one of the most comprehensive and critical accounts of the Montoneros' rise and fall, from their origins as a radical faction of the Peronist movement to their violent confrontation with the government of Isabel Perón and their eventual defeat by the military junta that seized power in 1976. Giussani exposes the contradictions, mistakes, and crimes of the Montoneros, as well as their courage, idealism, and sacrifice. He also analyzes the political and social context of Argentina at the time, and the role of other actors such as the trade unions, the church, and the media.

pablo giussani montoneros la soberbia armada pdf download

If you want to download a PDF version of this book, you can find it online at [this link], where you can also read a preview of the first pages. Alternatively, you can download it from [this other link], where you can also find other related documents. However, if you prefer to read it on your device, you can also buy an ebook version from [Google Play Books], where you can also find other books by Pablo Giussani.

Whether you are a student, a researcher, or a curious reader, this book will provide you with a valuable insight into one of the most controversial and tragic episodes of Argentine history. We hope you enjoy reading it!


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