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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Greyson Garcia
Greyson Garcia

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I first became aware of Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) during the depression of 2008 when events led to my armchair education in economics. PCR contributed to my education along with Michael Hudson, Steven Keen, Jospeph Stiglitz and others. I learned that economics is an inexact science full of falsehoods that serve the ruling class in their war against the working class. A primary falsehood promoted by the Nobel prize winning economist Milton Friedman is that unregulated free markets produce the greatest prosperity for the greatest number of people. Friedman's Chicago School of economics, which dominates US policy under the guise of freedom and democracy, has actually spread poverty, death and destruction for hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. Friedman's logic seemingly justifies exploitation of the working class by the ruling class in the great class war defined by Marx. Most Americans have benefited from these policies in so far as they were imposed on third world countries even though they are currently suffering as they have been incrementally imposed on our domestic population, leading to a growing popularity for political outliers like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

the Hopekillers full movie in italian free download hd

"the U.S.A. is not a democracy; it is an oligarchy run by the wealthy for the wealthy." Sorry, no. The whole point about Trump is that he is the great anti-politician, the outsider, the patriot enemy of the corrupt ruling elites who only care about status, power and control, not the interests of the American people or any other. By contrast, Biden is clearly the perfect puppet of the oligarchy and political establishment. The ruling class expected their ally Clinton to win in 2016, never Trump. The great election steal of 2020 is all about reversing this little surprise, and to make sure that the irksome people power of US democracy will finally be under full control. No more land of the free; the USA is now on the cusp of becoming a leftist fascist dictatorship, in which US patriots are the new German Jews, and in which future elections will be as meaningful as those of the Soviet Union.


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