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Discount Hearing Aids UPD

We sell all major manufacturers at deeply discounted hearing aid prices, so you can achieve fit hearing that fits into your budget. Our hearing aids feature all the latest technology including made-for-smartphone (bluetooth streaming), rechargeable, invisible design, tinnitus management, waterproof, fitness tracking and more!

discount hearing aids


Please follow the product links above to find a more detailed review of each specific model, along with our low hearing aid prices, user ratings, and detailed features for that hearing aid model, generation and technology level.

I love my hearing aids. They have enabled my ability to hear what I was missing, my children and grandchildren, television and even the car turn signal sound that i could not hear, but passengers kept telling me was on.

With a wide variety of devices, services and prices available, you need to know the landscape before buying. Technology and services (like testing, education, fitting and follow-up exams) are the main drivers of cost, according to Tom Powers, expert audiology consultant to the Hearing Industries Association (HIA). Surveys have found that prices per device, based on both technology and services, range from $1,604 for an entry-level hearing aid to $2,063 for a mid-level one to $2,651 for a top-level option, he says.

Features that can drive up price include size (is it visible?), rechargeability (many hearing aids no longer rely on batteries but are charged like cellphones), better directional microphones, more channels for noise reduction and feedback suppression, and wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. On the low end is the big-box retailer Costco, which buys in bulk and currently sells a pair of hearing aids for $1,400. But some people may need more comprehensive testing, follow-up care and specialty products than Costco offers.

The Hearing Aid Project, Foundation for Sight and Sound, Starkey Hearing Foundation and Miracle-Ear Foundation help people who cannot afford hearing aids. Email the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (, part of the National Institutes of Health, for other sources.

One in 3 service members return from deployment with measurable hearing loss. You must enroll in the VA Health Benefits program to qualify for hearing aids, which are steeply discounted. To apply, visit your local VA office, go online or call 877-222-VETS (8387).

Discount Hearing Aids of New England has the best prices on hearing aids made for the iPhone or Android Phone. There are smart phone apps out there that allow you to adjust your hearing aid via your iPhone or Android phone immediately when your conditions change! Walk into a noisy area, no problem there's a App for that! Continue to hear well and communicate with your friends and family in every situation.

Signia's First Rechargeable Custom New Insio Charge&Go Ax. Available now in two sizes ITC and ITE. Rechargeable custom fit hearing aids with outstanding speech clarity. Signia has redefined what a custom hearing aid can be. Signia's Revolutionary AX Platform Insio Charge&Go AX hearings are built on Signia's latest platform delivering

Phonak Audéo Life Hearing Aids Experience the evolution of speech understanding Hearing can be challenging in different situations. Market research (MarkeTrak IX) shows that hearing aid adopters report social benefits of hearing aid use, such as better ability to engage in group activities and positive impact on relationships.2 Audéo

Buy Phonak M Marvel M90 Hearing Aid Phonak launched their award-winning Marvel lineup to provide incredible hearing experiences without limits. The Phonak Audeo M Marvel hearing aid, in particular, utilizes AutoSense OS 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream technology to offer improved speech understanding, enhanced streaming quality, and overall sound clarity. This

Widex COM-DEX BENEFITS OF THE COM-DEX SOLUTION Stream high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device to your Widex hearing aid Hear your conversation partner clearly, either in noisy environments or at a distance Control your hearing aid and microphone discreetly using our free app Up to 8 hours streaming time. COM-DEX

Shortly after receipt of my Phonak hearing aids, Discount Daily Hearing scheduled a support session, hosted by Eric Huff, to follow up on the initial programming and answer any questions I might have.

I ordered a pair of Phonak P-90 hearing aides with the special of a free TV Connector. I spoke with Ryan and he was patient and helpful. When I told him I did not have enough credit on my PayPal account, Ryan worked with me to put what I could on PayPal and the rest on a credit card.

When my hearing aides arrived the box contained a sample of dome covers for me to try. When I found the one I liked, I called so DDH and they sent me a package of the dome covers for free as part of their 2 years of supplies package.

We know all about getting the right hearing aid fitting and do our best to advise you on what kind of hearing aid is right for you. We stock hearing aids from top brands including Phonak, Signia, ReSound, and Widex. By providing hearing aids from these manufacturers, we can assure our customers that they're getting the very best hearing aids that are available on the market today.Technological advancements over recent years mean that hearing aids are more effective and more discreet than they ever have been in the past. As an industry leader, we only stock the finest brands that are at the forefront of the hearing aid industry.

Where for decades it cost thousands of dollars to get a device that could be purchased only with a prescription from an audiologist or other hearing professional, now a new category of over-the-counter aids are selling for hundreds of dollars. Walmart says it will sell a hearing aid for as little as $199.

The OTC aids cost less partly because they do not bundle the services of an audiologist for a hearing evaluation, fitting, and fine-tuning the device. Instead, the new devices are intended to be set up by the consumers themselves, although manufacturers will offer technical assistance through apps and by phone.

Walmart said it will offer an assortment of OTC hearing aids, including some at $199 to $299 per pair from the South Africa-based company hearX, which also makes Lexie devices. Initially, the devices will be available at Walmart stores in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. But the company expects to make them available nationwide soon.

Spurred by decades of complaints about the high cost of hearing aids, Congress in 2017 ordered the Food and Drug Administration to set rules that would enable over-the-counter sales, with hopes it would boost competition and lower prices. But the covid pandemic slowed the FDA effort, and last year President Joe Biden ordered the FDA to produce those rules. The final regulations were announced two months ago. Under the federal rules, the new category of hearing aids bypasses state dispensing laws.

Tom Powers, a hearing aid industry consultant in New Jersey, said the new devices will be clearly labeled as FDA approved and consumers should watch for that. These are different from inexpensive personal devices that amplify sound but do not address other components of hearing loss, such as distortion.

Nancy M. Williams, president of Auditory Insight, a hearing health care management consulting firm, said she reviewed eight major OTC hearing aid products, from $499 to $1,299. Some look like earbuds or are nearly invisible, while some look like traditional hearing aids that wrap around the ear. The OTC aids she reviewed largely have limited or no Bluetooth connectivity, a feature that allows users to customize the devices, and only about half have rechargeable batteries. But all eight allow the user to personalize the devices based on the results of their hearing test.

The American Academy of Audiology, a professional organization for audiologists, posted information online for consumers about OTC hearing aids, and the Hearing Loss Association of America, a consumer advocacy group, also has online advice.

A new rule from the Food and Drug Administration could allow some American adults to buy hearing aids without costly doctor's visits as soon as October. Joe Raedle/Getty Images hide caption

That's thanks to a final rule issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday and set to take effect in two months, following years of campaigning by lawmakers and advocates. It creates a new category of over-the-counter hearing aids, which the Biden administration says will make the devices more accessible and affordable for millions of Americans.

The new rule applies only to certain air-conduction hearing aids for people ages 18 and older who experience mild to moderate hearing impairment, meaning those that are intended for pediatric use or severe hearing impairment will remain prescription devices. It also does not apply to "personal sound amplification products," consumer products that help people with normal hearing amplify sounds.

Hearing loss can complicate communication and contribute to social isolation, and researchers have also linked it to walking problems, falls, dementia and depression. Some 30 million U.S. adults could benefit from hearing aid use, according to the FDA. And yet, only about 14% of Americans with hearing loss actually use them.

The Biden administration estimates the new rule will lower the cost of hearing aids by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. FDA Commissioner Robert Califf told reporters on a press call that the FDA is working with manufacturers to ensure the over-the-counter devices are of "good quality" and meet the agency's performance criteria.

Congress passed that proposal at the time, but the Trump administration FDA didn't issue the rules that would actually allow for those devices to be sold directly to consumers. It's being implemented now because of the July 2021 "Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy," in which Biden called on the FDA to take action on over-the-counter hearing aids within 120 days (among a variety of other provisions). 041b061a72


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