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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Greyson Garcia
Greyson Garcia

Paradise Overlap [v0.2.0 V.I.P] By Paradise Ove... [PORTABLE]

The sense of unease is having a strange effect on the body of work that I am making here. The theme of my next exhibition is the contrasting subjects of paradise and hell delineated by the 16th century artist Hieronymos Bosch. There is a sense of imminent danger that traverses through the triptych from the panel Hell to the central panel Paradise, as if paradise is not immune to danger. The borders of the frame separating one frame from another do not guarantee absolute safety to the inhabitants. In this way hell can be all pervasive - even in paradise.

Paradise Overlap [v0.2.0 V.I.P] By Paradise Ove...




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