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Atlantica Server Files ^NEW^

===================================== Atlantica SOURCE FILES===================================== by Szico VII 20th July 2008=====================================MAPPED BY Szico VIIMSN: szicovii@ntlworld.comE-Mail: Szico VIIwww.szicovii.comAtlantica - Source Files======================================These source files provided are for learning and reference purposes only. No elements may be used/ripped or otherwise altered for released materials.You may do whatever you want with them provided the edited materials are not distributed. If you wish to use any of this material in your own work pleaseget permission from me and/or the various authors of any included models.INSTALLATION:==============IMPORTANT: You must have the Atlantica.pk3 in your base folder, or the files within it extracted to base.- Use the WINZIP Wizard to extract all files within this zip to your "Jedi Academy/GameData/base" folder. Here is what will be installed.- Editor Textures- Atlantica (.map) files- ASE Models- Map Scripts- New MP Entity Definitions used by map. (by Darth G)EDITORS NOTES:===============- Skybox Lighting. Any shader skybox lighting applied to one sky shader will be applied to every sky shader in the map. Therefore when using multiple skies, only apply a skylight to one shader, or the lighting will build up exponentially. In this map, the sky lighting is actually not applied to the sky shaders, but to the atlantica_hexagonal shader. This is because if the actual sky shader emitted the light, it would get blocked by the patches with the hexagonal window texture applied to them when compiling with -patchshadows.- YOU WILL NEED THESE SOURCE FILES TO CREATE CUSTOM ADMIN PASSWORDS FOR YOUR SERVER.- Don't try adding anything to the map to make it bigger, or you'll get a MAX_MAP_VERTS error pretty quickly, I'm at the cusp of hitting it as it is.- The unused ASE models were originally in the map but had too many verts so were converted into textures. Feel free to use them in smaller maps though.- The reason players spawn at the top of the map and are then teleported to various locations is so they always activate a script when they respawn that resets their PARMS so they lose their credits, keycodes e.t.c. This script can only be activate when respawning and not during normal play, as it would have been if the triggers had just been over normal spawnpoints.- The 10 switches PARM5 is set into the bar/restaurant door, and is simply acting as a dummy entity for this parm to be set during the script. - Scripts which set parms on the player (used for keycodes/credits e.t.c) must have the 'run on activator' flag checked on the target_scriptrunner.- Compiling: There are several specific command lines which must be included in order for this map to compile. My final compile line was:(BSP) -meta, -vis, -light -fast -approx 64 -filter -lomem -patchshadowsAnything above this in terms of trying to increase compile quality can result in a nasty bug throughout the map which I think is resulted to some kind of maximum lightmap error.Enjoy!Szico VII///////////////////////////// Atlantica //// ===================== //// by Szico VII //// 20th July 2008 //// /////////////////////////////MAPPED BY Szico VIIDESIGNED BY Szixo VII / Xa'o ZaleiMSN: szicovii@ntlworld.comX-Fire: szicoviiE-Mail: Szico VII Atlantica=======================New Textures: YesNew Sounds: YesNew Models: YesNew Scripts: YesBot Routing: YesGametypes: FFA, TFFABrush Count: 28,280 + 15,000 in ASE ModelsEntity Count: 3528Build Time: 1 Year, 6 months (Of which 6 months has been bug fixing...grr.)Compile Time: 80 Minutes.Features:--------- Doc Ock Style fusion generator- Passcoded council/admin doors (using switches where a numerical value can be inputted)- Destructable environments, trees/lamps.e.t.c- You can then fix some of these using toolkits (televisions for example) and other items you can pick up.- You can collect credits to pay for access to certain areas by either finding them lying around or completing challenges.- Virtual reality training for sneaking as a challenge.- Elevators with selectable floors.- Interactive NPC's that walk around and speak to each other.- Lots of cupboards/doors openable by force powers- Lamps can be pulled down, crates can be force utilised.- Healing bacta tanks.- Keycard system whereby a card must be bought/found to access certain areas, like the lock key system in SP.- A few others, secret areas/switch hunt and stuff.============================================================Map Installation : Extract the contents of the .zip (Atlantica.pk3) into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory, and you're all set to go!============================================================IMPORTANT INFO FOR SERVER HOSTERS:-------------------------------------THIS MAP CAN TAKE IN EXCESS OF 3 MINUTES TO LOAD FOR THOSE ON OLDER COMPUTERS. THEREFORE ANY SERVER WISHING TO RUN THIS MAP MUST HAVE 'SV_TIMEOUT' SET TO AVALUE OF AT LEAST 500 (Or else clients that take longer than 2mins to load will get kicked automatically)////////////////////////////////////////==================================////NOTES ON THE MAP: IMPORTANT!!!!! ////==================================////////////////////////////////////////SETTING YOUR OWN ADMINISTRATION ROOM PASSWORD=============================================Please follow the tutorial included in this .ZIP file or read it at under tutorials.The default password is 557752, starting from the door to the of the left of the central panel when facing it, and moving clockwise.ATLANTICA_RPG==============This map is the RPG version of the map, which doesn't have any interactive NPC's to reduce server load and stress, but contains extra scripting.This map contains the keycard system as well as the toolbox repair system and the credits system. So, if you want to play with these features, load this map!ATLANTICA=========This map is the core(basic) map which does contain interactive NPC's but none of the advanced scripting found in the RPG version. This is for playerswho desire a more FFA-themed experience, or clans who do not wish to play with the RPG features because they have their own mods which they can use instead.==========Known Bugs==========- In the long staircase with the rocky walls and the view of the ocean, you can see a small glimpse of another section of the map when looking upwards out of the window.- If you die/disconnect when participating in the Stealth VR training sessions the scripting system which governs these minigames will break and the map may need to be restarted. Of course, there's no way to die in here unless you kill yourself, so this is a very simple bug to avoid. Server admins can teleport/noclip into a broken VR training room and complete/fail the training to restart the scripts without needing a map restart.- The elevator consoles can get out of sync with the elevator itself, but it was either this or make the consoles crush through the player, which isn't desireable. They will always fall back in sync, and only go out of sync rarely when blocked by the player.==========CREDITS==========- RoboPhread, Lugormod coder and the biggest inspiration for the extra scripting I did in this map. He's the brains behind most of the really cool stuff, like the keycode doors, repairable items and the passworded room. Without you Robo, this map wouldn't be what it is today. I'm sure you'll be unimpressed by my extensive use of unnecessary target_scriptrunners, the position of the lift and my less-than-liberal use of parms, but the job got done in the end :D Thank you so much!- Xa'o Zalei for helping with the design, concept work and theme progression throughout the development of this project! I orignally wanted to blow you up with my Death Star for 'persuading' me into making this map for you, but in the end it was a fantastic experience for me, and you know that this map would also not exist without your tireless input and contribution. Thanks!- ::JEDI:: logo created by Jared Quell and Ctathos Ederoi, textured by Jared Quell- ::JEDI:: Video and Space Simulation video by Shimi Zaki- Original Skybox created by Caboosium.- NAB622/Lassev for other contributions to script debugging.- HOUHOU - Teleporter effect based on FFVII's Cure magic.Beta Testers-------------Szico VIIXa'o ZaleiCaboosium (G-Jay)AzeninTulak HordvmandrakeMaster RyanAaylaMadcatmach2MrSwishyNozyspyKillerx20Isla KamameeMaverickSapientWispNaiSmithDarth ParrotSMoKEJimmyJimmyCarolRadyJuggernutCtathosAverus Retruthan==========Clan Notes==========WRITTEN BY: Xa'o ZaleiMSN/E-Mail: catsmeow17@msn.comX-Fire: xaodarkhavenI would like to personally thank Szico VII for all of his help the past year and a bit making this map.He is a stand up guy and a wonderful person. I asked him way back if he would make a small map on a small star Wars planet and it turned into one of the best maps I have ever seen for JKA. So for that, thank you for everything Szico. You are amazing.------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT!!!!-------------------------------------------------------Made for ::JEDI::www.jediholo.netNO ELEMENTS OF THIS MAP CAN BE EDITED/RIPPED! SOURCE FILES CAN BE DOWNLOADED SEPERATELY!(You can however use them for learning purposes, or get my permission if you want to publish edited files. I have nothing against you editing these files for your own progress, but releasing wihtout my consent will result in certain death lol!)If you want to use any of these, ask me first!===========================================================THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & (c) LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSERS.===========================================================Szico VII

Atlantica Server Files

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