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Hey guys. I'm having the same issue here upgrading my first-generation iPhone to 2.0. I'm getting the same error code as Craig (-9838). This sucks! This is my business phone and I can't be without it. I knew the iTunes Store would be swamped, but you just expect Apple to stay on top of traffic.

I am at work and was able to download the new 2.0 software to my phone, however, when the restore was complete, the phone got stuck on the activation screen. Only letting me make an emergency call if needed. I connect the phone to the computer and get an error that it could not be connected to iTunes Store (error -9838). This has been going on for an hour and a half now.

OK, I got it to pass the step with the error. The solution is: brute force. Here's what I did: I repeatedly clicked my Music library, then the iPhone device (whereupon it would try to connect again), until the error went away. Now the iPhone says "Waiting for activation" and is restoring.

I purchased an iPhone 3G an hour ago. The store was having problems with the iTunes activation, but I finally got it activated. When I got home, I tried to sync and got the 9838 error message. I got through to Apple iPhone support and the tech said the 9838 message means their server is too busy. He said their servers are slammed at the moment and if I wait until later, when the servers are less busy, it should work. I hope this helps.

I had the same 9838 error as everyone else. After reviewing posts, it seemed to me it's just a web traffic issue. I kept hitting my iPhone in iTunes over and over, and finally got a new screen instead of the error, stating that no more iPhone activations could be completed at this time, try again later. So I unplugged my iPhone and plugged it back in, and voila.

i had the same problem of waiting for "accessing itunes store". i just waited and waited and finally it switched to "waiting for activation" then "restore complete" and now "phone is activated". for me, i didn't do anything. it was just a matter of time. although it was only about 15 or 20 minutes of waiting i believe. i hope this comment helps. best, v.

It's 10:48am EST here, I have been trying to at least 2 hours to get this update thing to work. I updated my iPhone, and when i connect it to iTunes I get an error. I am unsure of the code but it tells me the following:"We could not complete your iTunes Store request. Thenetwork connection times out.

my husband is on line at the meatpacking (14th st NYC) retail store waiting to buy his 3G phone. we are texting and i just asked him to call tech support to ask about the status of the activation server (I'd call, but my phone is bricked!) and i will report back with an update ASAP.

i was having a similar problem but after re-connecting it several times (and after a bit of time) it gave me a different error "no new activations at this time" tryed again 15 minutes later and it finally started restoring :-p it took a while for it to re-transfer all the music but its done now.. the phone works again.. and i can download apps while on the phone.. they work.. but it wont connnect to itunes properly

By trying many times a minute, you don't helps servers to manage the colossal amount of users trying to activate.Example : If 1 000 000 users are actually trying to activate 20 times a minute, the server have to manage 20 000 000 activation request. So, try once an hour, it's really fairplay and democratic.

Oh, even better... I've been re-trying the iPhone activation and now, instead of error -9838, I get a nice, courteous message - "iPhone activations are unavailable at this time. Please disconnect your phone and try again later."

Looks like the brute force approach of clicking on/off iphone icon works!! I did in abt 20 clicks!! After that it says "iPhone activated" on the iphone screen.So its a matter of patience.Good luck to everyone else. I hope Apple fixes this soon and I hate apple for integrating the stupid activation!!

For some people it seems to work (not for me unfortunately) but some are bombing out with a -4 error - which is a timeout. If iTunes doesn't receive the activation response back from the iTMS within a given period iTunes will exit with this error.

So effectively, no matter what you click before you try activation on iTunes will help in the slightest. You just have to keep pounding away until you get a slot and hope that the iTMS can process the activation before it times out.

well still waiting, 9838 basically translates to 'sorry we're busy please try again'! Dont worry it doesnt mean your iphone is briked its just taking forever to activate all the phones (even the lite activation). AT&T in America is taking forever to complete the process and O2 in UK only processed half the orders from the pre-order, they hope to have all pre-orders complete by tonight but I think its unlikely. Thats why you might only be able to do the emergency call even after activation.

Connection attempt to Apple web site was successful.Connection attempt to iTunes Store was successful.Secure connection attempt to iTunes Store was successful.Secure connection attempt to iPhone activation server was successful.Last successful store access was 2008-07-11 11:45:29.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern to when the -4s are appearing yet (it could be some internal process that is a bottleneck within the activation system). If you've got a progress bar and no -4, you may be OK.

I think I just realized why it has to do this...well I talked to a MobileMe person today because my computer said that it couldn't register my phone on the syncing network..or something like that. It must be that they have to do this so that it registers it on their network and can be used with MobileMe. I am not sure, but I think I am on to something here. If this isn't true, those who created this activation process for those who have iPhone gen 1 are a bunch of serious retards.

When you connect your iPhone iTunes opens a connection to Apple's activation server cluster at via SSL. Earlier these servers were overloaded and not accepting connections resulting in error -9838.

I contacted Apple. After waiting more then an hour on the phone I explained to the tech that I updated my phone this morning and now I can't re-activate it. He basically said that there is nothing he can do, the activation servers are down and there is no ETA on when they will be available again.

I'm done activating and have a working phone again, but now I can't connect to the iTunes store to get the apps. Do keep trying, but know that once you're done with the update and the activation, the iTunes store still isn't working right. Sigh.

Completed the update at around 9 AM Central time, then had to wait for activation. It is now, 12L21, and I am finally restoring the data. I'm none to pleased about the server issue. For those wanting to know, click between the library or store and your iPhone icon. That was my method.

Yup, i'm pissed too. Basically, Apple put too much effort into securing their phones. The only thing that is backlogged is the "activation." This is especially retarded for those of us who either have the old iPhone, or were existing customers... we have sim cards that are active, so if Apple wouldn't have tried so hard to prevent phone unlocking, we would all be golden and the only people trying to activate today would be brand-new customers.

My iPhone 2.5G has been bricked since lunchtime. I've tried all the above to no avail. 9838 messages by the dozen, and at least as many -4's. Once I got a nice screen tell me that activation wasn't working and I should try again later.

I'm getting the -4 error message as well and I've been trying since 10am EST over in Boston. I've clicked on the Iphone button to re-start the activation to the itunes store countless times - I've also done the iphoto trick, reboot, etc. I have no more patience but honestly there is nothing else you can do I guess - it's a network problem. If anyone hears anything else about this error please post. - thanks -

I query her some more. She got an email which said "The [activation?] server is down. We're working on it." According to her, no activations are working now until some indeterminate time in the future. Again according to her, Apple didn't foresee the demand on their servers today. [WTF!?]

That was brutal! It took 7 hours to get my phone back! It finally connected to the activation server about 5 minutes ago. I clicked back and forth for a while, ignored it for a while, then clicked some more... and finally it worked. Now I have to weed through my voicemails that have been piling up over the past 7 hours! Best of luck to the rest of you!

I let mine sit for several hours and it didn't work. I clicked ok on -4 error message. Clicked another folder and then clicked iphone so it would try to connect again and then immediately clicked itunes store. It immediately came up saying that it was restoring iphone from the backup and the iphone itself says waiting for activation. 350c69d7ab


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