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Greyson Garcia

Mesa Mini Rectifier Schematics

the mesa mini rectifier provides 10 watts of power for a clean sound and 25 watts for a warm and dark tone. each channel can be set to 10 watts or 25 watts. the mesa mini rectifier features two instrument inputs (with 1/4 inch jacks), a headphone output, a 1/4 inch effects loop, and a foot switch. the mesa mini rectifier is designed to be a good practice amp, stage amp, or a combo amplifier and effects unit.

Mesa Mini Rectifier Schematics


the mesa mini rectifier is a versatile tube preamp head with 2-channel/4-mode operation. the mini rectifier features a solid-state input stage and a solid-state power amp stage that can be set to 10 watts or 25 watts of power. the mini rectifier is built around a classic el84 power tube that provides the classic el84 tone without needing to look to a solid-state power amp to create it.

the dual rectifier is the mainstay of mesa's lineup of amp models, and the triple rectifier is the choice for those looking for that extra touch of power, a different style of tone, and a bit more headroom. the mini rectifier twenty-five amp offers great value for the money with a clean, open tone in all configurations, clean channel and full channel functionality, and can deliver any tone from clean to what do you need to get a killer tone? the mini rectifier twenty-five will get you there, and it will do so with a built-in footswitch, a power-on indicator light, and tube amp tone for a classic tone. don't miss out on the best-sounding amp you can get your hands on. order yours today and you'll be hooked forever!

the mini rectifier twenty-five is built for the road and the studio. with a rugged enclosure, great features, and a ton of tone and power, this is the perfect head for a traditionalist or a visionary. the mesa mini rectifier twenty-five gives you a lot for the money.


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