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Stereo Mix Paltalk Download For Windows

ATTENTION - for those Dell users with Sigmatel audio who cannot get stereo mix to appear when you select 'show disabled devices', some genus has found a solution!!!!Basically just go to the dell driver download site, and instead of getting the vista driver, get the windows xp driver. Right click on the install file and go to properties. Under compatibility, tell it to run it in xp service pack 2 compatibility mode. Install it, fiddle a bit and you will have stereo mix!!!!I highly recommend this tip.original thread was at =160431&page=2

Stereo Mix Paltalk Download For Windows

Download Zip:

ok with windows 7 and realtek drivers I can get stereo mix to work but only when Speakers is selected as the playback device on my laptop.. if the playback device is set to "Realtek Digital Output" (which is what i normally use.. ie 1/8th optical output going into my logitech z-680s).. Stereo Mix no longer works =\


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