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Greyson Garcia
Greyson Garcia

Dark Injection Spore Mod

There were already the official v1.5 release of Dark Injection and the unofficial release of the mod there are also some bad feedback after the official release and those found out the mod is unofficial; two of them was ( from one of them) "This is illegal and getting it off the official Dark Injection site [including the unofficial version]." The other was "Sorry to report to you, but I got a copy of the Dark Injection source code and the file structure of the SPORE mod [so that I can look into it to find out what else that's he can possibly do to harm your legitimate business and give me a good reason to steal]" from another.

Dark Injection Spore Mod

Download File:

In the current state of the development of the Dark Injection Spore mod, some of our expertise, programming and testing of various versions were gone since the unexpected shutdown of "Liberty Alliance Inc." by EA.EA is a game studio (EA), meaning that the publisher is engaging in the production, distribution, and sale of video games. As an independent dev studio, we are neither affiliated with nor supported by EA. At this time, it is no longer legal to purchase The Dark Injection bundle within the EA official site, instead, The Dark Injection bundle was sold on the VGE forums where "Liberty Alliance Inc." was no longer in active.

Although the Dark Injection Spore mod is currently in the incomplete stages of development, it still exists. The official version and the unofficial version of the Dark Injection mod [we at "Liberty Alliance Inc." distributed the unofficial version] still exists on the official site. It is correct that the publisher is EA and the mod is still sold on the EA official site, but it is no longer that an unofficial version of the mod exists. It is without doubt that the unofficial version of the mod and the original version are different from the current official version.


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