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Southwest Airlines Headquarters

Southwest Airlines was founded in 1966 by Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King, and in 1967 it was incorporated as Air Southwest Co. Three other airlines took legal action to try to prevent the company from its planned strategy of undercutting their prices by flying only within Texas and thus being exempt from various regulations. The lawsuits were resolved in 1970, and in 1971 the airline began operating regularly scheduled flights between Dallas Love Field and Houston and between Love Field and San Antonio, and adopted the name Southwest Airlines Co. In 1975, Southwest began operating flights to various additional cities within Texas, and in 1979 it began flying to adjacent states. Service to the East and the Southeast started in the 1990s.[11] Southwest turned a profit for 47 consecutive fiscal years from 1973 through 2019.[12]

southwest airlines headquarters

As of 2021[update], Southwest scheduled flights to over 100 destinations in 42 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.[13] Southwest does not use the traditional hub-and-spoke system of other major airlines, preferring a point-to-point system combined with a rolling-hub model in its base cities.

The Southwest Airlines headquarters are located on the grounds of Dallas Love Field in Dallas.[9][43] Chris Sloan of Airways magazine stated they are "as much a living, breathing museum and showcase for the 'culture that LUV built' as they are corporate offices."[44]

On September 17, 2012, Southwest broke ground on a new Training and Operational Support building,[45] across the street from its current headquarters building. The property includes a two-story, 100,000-square-foot Network Operations Control building that can withstand an EF3 tornado. It also includes a four-story, 392,000-square-foot office, and training facility with two levels devoted to each function. The new facilities house 24-hour coordination and maintenance operations, customer support and services, and training. The project was completed in late 2013, with occupancy beginning in 2014.

Southwest has never furloughed an employee.[63] As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company launched voluntary separation and extended time-off programs in 2020, and around 16,900 employees volunteered to take an early retirement or long-term leave.[64] Roughly 24% were pilots and 33% were flight attendants.[65] In late 2020, the airline issued some WARN Act notices and announced incipient pay cuts for many employees in response to pandemic impacts, but these measures were rescinded after the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was enacted on December 27, 2020, providing additional financial aid to US airlines.[66]

Southwest and its business model have had an influence on other low-cost carriers (LCC's). The competitive strategy combines a high level of employee and aircraft productivity with low unit costs by reducing aircraft turnaround time, particularly at the gate.[67] Europe's EasyJet and Ryanair are two of the best-known airlines to follow Southwest's business strategy in that continent. Other airlines with a business model based on Southwest's system include Canada's WestJet, Malaysia's AirAsia (the first and biggest LCC in Asia), India's IndiGo, Australia's Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas (although Jetstar now operates three aircraft types), Philippines's Cebu Pacific, Thailand's Nok Air, Mexico's Volaris, Indonesia's Lion Air and Turkey's Pegasus Airlines.[67]

Southwest Airlines has a history of lobbying against high-speed rail, which it sees as a competitor for short-distance commuter flights. In the early 1990s, Southwest lobbied U.S. Congress and the Texas Legislature to oppose a high-speed rail system between Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, and filed three lawsuits against the initiative.[68][69][70][71] In 1991, Southwest told Texas authorities, "Rail has a romantic appeal, but this case cannot be decided on the basis of nostalgia or even a desire to emulate the rail service of France and Germany. The American reality is that high-speed rail will be viable in Texas only by destroying the convenient and inexpensive transportation service the airlines now provide, and only by absorbing huge public subsidies."[69] In 1994, the high-speed rail initiative was cancelled.[68] While several reasons led to the initiative's demise, most commentators attribute a key role to Southwest Airlines' aggressive campaign against it.[71]

The airline experienced severe delays and thousands of flight cancellations starting on December 21, 2022, and continuing through the Christmas holiday. While some cancellations were due to bad weather from the severe late December winter storm across much of the United States, industry experts and SWAPA also blamed inadequate staffing and the airline's "outdated" employee scheduling system, citing reports of pilots waiting on hold on the telephone for up to eight hours awaiting work assignments.[91][92] On December 26, the airline initiated a massive system "reset", preemptively canceling thousands of flights and halting ticket sales over concerns that travelers might buy tickets for flights that are subsequently canceled.[92] Federal officials criticized the airline and U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a formal investigation.[93] Some experts attributed the crisis to the lack of scheduling flexibility inherent in the airline's point-to-point operations model.[94] Paul Krugman in The New York Times suggested the turmoil was not as much about corporate greed as some might expect and noted that despite an increasingly digitalized world, "there's a lot of physical action, and real-world labor, going on behind the scenes."[95] Another writer on the paper's opinion pages, Elizabeth Spiers, said this was an example of the airlines knowing they are offering passengers a poor deal but that many people have little choice given the alternatives.[96] The airline said it expected the problems to hurt its Q4 2022 financial results.[97]

The corporate office for Southwest Airlines headquarters is located in Dallas, TX. There is a contact address on the official website. We located the corporate address on their Investor Relations website[+], as well as, a contact phone number. No email address is listed for the headquarters.

While that may sound intimidating or perhaps out of place for an airline, of all companies, this red-carpet welcome is a regular affair at Southwest's headquarters in Dallas. Each new class of employees is greeted in this same tradition, and it's become a rite of passage for all new hires.

When airport agents begin their careers with Southwest, they descend on the airline's Dallas headquarters for a training course. During that time, the up-and-coming agents spend time in the classroom learning about the airline's culture and familiarizing themselves with their new responsibilities.

Southwest maintains nine flight simulators at its Dallas headquarters. All first officers and captains must train in them once a year. The giant simulators are meant to pitch and roll just as a plane would, depending on the scenario. The nine simulators are almost always all in use.

Southwest recently opened a giant new facility across the street from its main headquarters. Known as TOPS, or Training and Operations, the building is home to the airline's entire training program, which used to be distributed around the country. This large scale-model Boeing 737 hangs in the TOPS lobby.

With SeaWorld under fire for its policies regarding animals, its Dallas-based airline partner, Southwest Airlines, is drawing heat for its association with the animal theme park. Animal advocates have begun to petition Southwest to sever its relationship with SeaWorld, and the airline's company headquarters will be the site of a silent protest in January.

"We're going to do a silent protest at Southwest Airlines' headquarters," Beck says. "We want to remind them that they have the power and ethical responsibility to help prevent animal cruelty by ending their partnership with SeaWorld where dolphins, whales and other aquatic animals spend their entire lives in captivity."

Almost all airlines have a place they call home - the main hub, where they station crew and have their maintenance base. The United States is home to the world's largest single airline hub, but also to more nomadic low-cost point-to-point models of operation. Let's take a look at where the US's major carriers like to park their wings, ranging from legacy carriers to those in the low-cost sector.

American Airlines, and its regional service branch American Eagle, operate out of ten hubs across the country. However, its largest is that of Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) in Texas, where it also has its headquarters. American's operations span several terminals and make DFW the second-largest single airline hub in the world.

You would imagine Alaska Airlines to have its major hub in the state where it was inaugurated and for which it is named. The carrier does maintain a hub at Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC), five miles southwest of downtown Anchorage. However, one of the US's largest carriers could be forgiven for not keeping its main activities at an airport serving a city of 288,000 people.

Anchorage remains one out of Alaska's five hubs across the US, but its main home is at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Washington. The city of Seattle, outside of which SEA is located, is also where Alaska Airlines has its headquarters. Before the pandemic, the airport was considered one of the fastest-growing in the US. Last year, it was the 11th-busiest in the US by passenger boardings.

Specifically, Southwest Airlines has long had a history with Dallas Love Field (DAL), with its headquarters at the airport. Nonetheless, the firm shies away from strictly identifying with hubs, as its CCO, Andrew Watterson, told TPG in 2020:

United's main hub is located at Chicago-O'Hare International Airport (ORD), Illinois. It is also the location of the Star Alliance founding member's headquarters. O'Hare was the busiest airport by flights operated in the US in 2019. 041b061a72


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