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J-hope 'MORE' Official MV

'MORE' relays j-hope's ambitions and passions to step out of the box and showcase his versatility as an artist. The track was co-written by j-hope and Ivan Jackson (1/2 of hip-hop duo Brasstracks), and was produced by Brasstracks with additional guitars by Randy Runyon, both of whom also worked on BTS' hip-hop heavy track 'Dis-ease'.

j-hope 'MORE' Official MV

Jack In The Box drops on 15 July ahead of j-hope's headlining set at Lollapalooza. The album serves as his first release since his highly acclaimed 2018 mixtape, HOPE WORLD.

The time has finally come, ARMY. With the July 1 release of J-Hope's debut single "More," BTS has officially begun the rollout of each member's music as bonafide solo artists. J-Hope's much-anticipated debut off his upcoming album, "Jack in the Box," finds him merging his trademark gritty hip-hop beats and rapping with a new sound: rock! Each time J-Hope slips into the chorus of "More," heavy-metal guitars ring out. The song itself, which is primarily in Korean, lays bare J-Hope's desire to step outside of his comfort zone musically to keep his passion alive. Check out the English translation of J-Hope's "More" below and keep reading to get a deeper understanding of the message behind the song.

This theory is further confirmed by the similarities between the roles of a pop idol and a jester as entertainers in their respective time periods. In a way, celebrities are the jesters of today. Paid to entertain, but without any real power, as that lies in the hands of industry executives, as it did in the hands of kings of yesteryear. The name Jack is also phonetically reminiscent of j-hope, or his real name Jung Hoseok.

In the music video for More, a box is delivered to j-hope and, as he sings the first verse of the song, a version of himself wearing a jester hat creepily pops up in the corner. Then, we are thrust into a collection of other settings which, by the end of the video, we find out were all taking place inside the box.

Jung Ho-seok (Korean: 정호석; born February 18, 1994), better known by his stage name J-Hope (stylized as j-hope), is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, and record producer. He made his debut as a member of South Korean boy band BTS in 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment.

More is the new song released on July 1st by J-Hope, some weeks after the announcement BTS officially made, communicating a temporary hyatus in order to let the band members to focus on their solo projects. After Left and Right, the song released by Jung Kook some days earlier, More is the first song of J-Hope solo project, anticipating the album Jack In The Box to be released in summer. Fans are curious to understand the lyrics, to know the english message and the meaning. In this article we will provide all answers.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'auralcrave_com-box-4','ezslot_4',139,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-auralcrave_com-box-4-0');

It was not until yesterday that BTS confirmed that it was indeed V who made a surprise and discreet cameo in J-Hope's music video. BTS' official YouTube channel released behind-the-scene footage from the sets of 'More' music video where V is seen surprising the rapper with a visit. In the video, J-Hope is seen hugging V and introducing him as his 'bandmate'. The entire reaction was enough to make the internet swoon over them. Check out the reactions of BTS ARMY below.

After monitoring j-hope a bit, the Sweet Night singer came up with the idea of being a mannequin in the background. j-hope asked him if he would be okay with a cameo, considering he had no make up on and would need to take his mask off. V took off his mask in an instant, showing that the mask had nothing on supporting his fellow member.

Meanwhile, j-hope's solo album Jack in the Box will be released on July 15. Fans hope they get to see the live performance of MORE and other songs from the album at the Lollapalooza concert on July 31.

The music video features a very edgy looking j-hope singing in a mix of English and Korean. The video brings out a previously unseen side of the singer and follows him and his devil-may-care attitude, angry music blasting when the song reaches its chorus.

Global hitmakers and South Korean sensations BTS recently announced a new chapter of their careers. Aptly titled "BTS' Chapter 2," it's an exciting time for the septet to better explore their own individual music tastes. And kicking off this new era is the group's rapper and dancer j-hope.

So far, j-hope's solo discography includes 2018's acclaimed mixtape Hope World and the chart-topping trilingual single "Chicken Noodle Soup" (featuring Becky G) from 2019. But on July 15, he'll break new ground as a solo artist with his highly anticipated debut studio album, Jack in the Box.

Fans got a first taste of what's to come with the single "MORE," which teases a different musical direction than his previously high-energy and pop-leaning songs. On July 7, j-hope revealed the album's tracklist, giving fans lots of interesting song titles to analyze.

Shortly after this announcement, j-hope's album release was also announced. Jack in the Box will allow us to see how much the star has grown since the release of his debut mixtape, while also feeding fans with new content.

If the first single is any indication, j-hope is ready to show a new and more mature side of himself. On July 1, the singer dropped "MORE," a alt-rock and hip-hop-tinged song with a dark and moody aesthetic.

With lyrics that touch on his successful career as an artist, j-hope gets real about how money and fame aren't everything. His emotions are clear through his tone and the visuals, and show great promise for the rest of the project's depth.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, j-hope divulged his desire to show "an extremely dark, raw side" with his current music. It'll be exciting to see how this manifests through the rest of the album, as we've already seen a glimpse with "More."

This will be a major contrast from the bright and airy aesthetic j-hope has previously brought in his music, fashion and personality. While Hope World was overall a feel-good project, Jack in the Box can show us just how multi-faceted j-hope truly is.

Though the hip-hop vibes are apparent on the rapper's tracks regardless of genre, this album is a chance for him to experiment with other genres as well. The teaser video j-hope released on Instagram has jazzy beats, which hint at the new sounds we might hear.

Though we know j-hope is skilled in lyric writing and producing, it's cool to know he worked on composing and conceptualizing his debut album as well. This means that his own flair will be apparent throughout the project, and should be an accurate representation of how the artist has evolved as a soloist.

j-hope announced on his instagram that he worked with designer KAWS on the album cover. In his post, he called KAWS a great collaborator and friend, as the rapper has supported the designer often over the years. Back in 2020, he even displayed KAWS figurines on Twitter made exclusively to support BLM.

Jimin's lead-up to FACE has been feeding the fans at every turn. After collaborating with one of his idols, Big Bang member Taeyang, on "Vibe" in January, and dropping songs once only available on Soundcloud and Youtube, he officially kicked off the FACE chapter with "Set Me Free pt. 2" a week before the EP's release. With the full project now out, it's clear those songs were only a glimpse of what Jimin is truly capable of as a solo act.

Not only will fans be blessed with an official title track, but Jimin will also drop the pre-release single "Set Me Free Pt.2" on March 17. The "Pt.2" in the title has fans speculating that it will be a continuation of the 2020 track "Set Me Free" by bandmate Suga (released under his Agust D alias).

To let the music speak for itself, stream the official 2023 GRAMMYs playlist, presented in partnership with Amazon Music, which features 115 GRAMMY-nominated songs across pop, rap, country, and beyond from today's stars, including BTS, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, and many, many more.

In the video, J-Hope is seen trapped in office space, hospitals and music rooms. He is seen breaking free from them as the song progresses. The Korean star sings and dances as he narrates that he wants more to life. Lyrics of More is a mix of English and Korean. J-hope also posted a clip of the song on his verifies Instagram account sharing that the song is now out on youTube. Watch the official video of J-Hope's song MORE here:

Meanwhile, K-Pop superband BTS' member J-Hope is all set to unveil his maiden solo album 'Jack in the Box' on July 15. According to the official announcement, 'Jack in the Box' lends voice to J-Hope's aspirations to break the mould and grow further.

Recently j-hope released a new music video which is full of effects. But there is one effect that caught our eye in particular. At a certain moment we get introduced to a hospital room. And in that room we can see a moving X-ray shot.

One more fan said, "Antis & solo stans swear they celebrated "bts solo", "bts break", "bts hiatus", "bts d***and" and it's just only the first member's solo mv and there's already a cameo of another bts member sksjjss istg i love them so much they will stick with eo no matter what." Another fan said, "What if all bts members have cameo in every single solo projects of each one have.. like jk & jin is daechwita, then may speculation na si tae yung nasa mv ni hobi.. anyways stream 'more'!!"

One more fan said, "AHHH AND IF BTS MEMBERS CAMEO IN EACH OTHERS MVs AHHHHH." One fan theorized, "In the office scene the light being projected from window is ARMY logo, j-hope tosses away paperwork & it looks like Tae made a cameo. His different worlds & personas can clash yet co-exist." 041b061a72


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