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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Fundy Designer - The All-in-One Suite for Album Design and Wall Art

fundy designer is the album design studio with tools to design, build and publish a wide variety of album types. fundy designer also includes album builder, which builds collections of albums and albums for publishing, and fundy marketplace, a repository of content that you can use to distribute albums and add them to collections in your album library.

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weve always been big fans of fundy designer. fundy is a fresh take on album design and has a lot of power under the hood. fundy is also one of the first to introduce album metadata and all of the associated benefits. fundy is also one of the first to introduce album builder. fundys new interface is more than a simple facelift and is a real game changer. fundy is designed to be easy and quick to get into, yet its also incredibly powerful.. fundy is a great tool for creating, building, maintaining, and publishing your albums. it has the features needed to provide a lot of value in its price range. its library structure is extremely flexible, with a lot of options for grouping albums. fundys interface is simple, clean, and easy to use. its cover creation tool is excellent, and i really like how it allows for multiple templates to be used for different sizes. its layout creator is excellent. its smart algorithms really shine when it comes to publishing albums. the support is great and updates are frequent.

fundy designer has a lot of potential. i think fundy has a bright future.. fundy designer is a great album design tool with some solid competition. fundy has a lot of potential and is a good tool. fundy is a solid tool for album design. fundy is a great tool for album design.


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