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Tuneskit Drm Audio Converter 2 1 1

TunesKit Audio Capture for Mac is the smartest and easiest audio recording solution developed to record any sound playing through all programs on Mac, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iTunes, Apple Music, and other media players, as well as online audio tracks from streaming music sites, such as Pandora, iTunes music, Lastfm, etc. It can also grab audio clips from your favorite videos on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo or other local media players like QuickTime, VLC, etc.

Tuneskit Drm Audio Converter 2 1 1

This smart and powerful audio grabber adopts leading-edge recording technology which can achieve true lossless audio quality when capturing the audio on your Mac. In other words, your recordings and the original audio will sound precisely the same. Once captured, you can play the newly recorded audio tracks immediately within TunesKit Audio Capture for Mac in order to ensure the output quality and accuracy.

Apart from letting you save recorded mac audio as common file formats like MP3, the professional TunesKit Audio Capture for Mac also supports converting the audio recordings to other popular formats, such as WAV, M4A, M4B, FLAC and AAC so that you can listen to the captured audio tracks on more devices and players.

Summary: Look for the top iTunes DRM removal tools to remove DRM from iTunes movies, videos, music, and audiobooks easily and completely? Here are top 6 iTunes DRM removal software worth your consideration. Read on to take your best pick.

Knowing top iTunes DRM removal tools means half effort and double results, since videos, movies, TV episodes, audiobooks, and music show purchased and rented from iTunes are all encrypted by FairPlay DRM, which prevents us from watching these video files on any devices or media players that we like.

However, there are tons of DRM removal iTunes tools in the market that can bypass FairPlay DRM on iTunes files. How to choose the best one? In order to save your time and help you find the most suitable iTunes DRM removal, we here list the top 6 best iTunes DRM removers and converters for Windows and Mac in this article.

As one of the top iTunes DRM removal tools, DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is the first choice to remove DRM-protected files from iTunes. With it, all iTunes files including iTunes videos, iTunes songs, iTunes audiobooks, and Apple Music can be converted to DRM-free files in a few minutes.

It conducts a lossless conversion process, which outputs absolutely lossless M4A audio and MP4 video files that share an identical quality with the originals, without any change in the details such as the bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

What's more uniquely, this best iTunes DRM removal works seamlessly with a video converter and disc creator of the DVDFab family so as to convert DRM-free videos into mainstream formats or make a DVD from converted videos.

It is a professional DRM audio converter that can convert Apple Music songs and audiobooks to DRM-free MP3, M4A, M4B, FLAC, or WAV. After removing the DRM, you can listen to the Apple Music and iTunes audio files on any device you want or on iPhone, iPad, iPod, MP3 player offline.

Want to know how to convert DRM-protected files to MP3? Go to a step-by-step guide on the official website of this iTunes DRM removal and audio converter. Besides, there are also some other Apple Music DRM removal tools that you can choose from as you wish.

M4VGear DRM Media Converter is another iTunes video DRM converter that can remove DRM from iTunes movies/videos and convert them to various videos/audio formats such as MP4, MOV, and MP3, playable on mobile devices like iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, TV console like Samsung TV, LG TV and more.

But if you want to remove DRM both from iTunes videos and audio, even songs of Apple Music, you definitely should choose StreamFab, the most powerful and the easiest iTunes DRM removal for Win and Mac, which provides a period that you can remove DRM from 1 video and 5 audio freely.

Listening to music and audible books are wonderful ways to relax yourself especially when you feel exhausted. Are you frustrated with the DRM protection, copyright control or fixed formats of audio tracks? What is certain is that you must confront with various annoying problems.

With the strict control of the current music copyright, most of songs can only be listened online if you are not a VIP. In addition, you are not allowed to play your audio files that protected by excellent DRM technology on any portable devices anytime and anywhere. You even cannot open the files with the player you want because of the fixed output format or you are prevented from preserving a satisfying sound into your PC or other devices forever. Do you want to solve all above problems and make your digital life easier and better? If you have a certain answer in your own heart, then ViWizard DRM Audio Converter or TunesKit Audio Capture can help you to achieve it. You can make a comprehensive decision according to your need after learn all key points of these two products from my following comparison.

ViWizard Audio Converter and TunesKit Audio Capture are excellent tools specializing in dealing with your audio files. With unique features, you will be interested in one of them or both of them. As a matter of fact, when you use them, you can find big differences and be shocked by their powerful functions.

When you operate ViWizard Audio Converter, you need to pay attention to choose different icons if you add files by clicking manually instead of dragging directly. The reason is that there are two "Add" buttons. The first one is used for DRM-free files while the second one is DRM-protected files, like Apple music and Audiobook. What you need to keep in mind is that you have to give authorization to your iTunes firstly if your DRM-encrypted audio files cannot play well in iTunes.

Once you use TunesKit Audio Capture, some programs like Chrome, IE, WMP and iTunes will be showed at once. You can add any other media plays and browsers on your main interface, that is, the opening window by clicking "+" button. Then you are allowed to enter each program by click it. Having opened an audio file or multiple files through browsers or media players and other apps, you can see your target file(s) in your capture list.

What's more, for ViWizard Audio Converter, you can split a large audio file into small pieces by segments, time or chapters to listen to a specific part of your files. After your conversion, you can find the destination files in "History" list which can be located and then shared to other devices. However, files cannot be merged through ViWizard Audio Converter.

For TunesKit Audio Capture, it allows you to trim and merge audio files and preview it before you save the ready one into your list or you can merge multiple recordings into one. When trim the files, both start time and end time can be set with the specific segments kept. If you want to merge your files, it's also easy to operate. Just need to tick "Merge all into one file" at your left bottom of your "Capture List".

Not only ViWizard Audio Converter but also TunesKit Audio Capture can provide you with a complete platform to edit the tags info of your audio files. With this popular function, you can manage your files well by revising incorrect information if there is in a mess of your old version music.

Can you decide which one to choose at this moment? Don't hesitate about it because you do really need one of them to facilitate your digital life. You can refer to my above comparison. ViWizard Audio Converter is easy to operate with simple steps, which can convert both DRM-protected and DRM-free audios. TunesKit Audio Capture can make files-merging come true and can grab any audio sounds. Of course, besides what I say, you can find your preferring points. Do it right now!

Apple Music Converter is a specially designed program usually used for converting Apple Music tracks fromprotected M4P format to more popular audio formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4R, etc. for further editing, backup, or playback without the need to use an authorized Apple device. For example, you are able to sync the Apple Music songs to your MP3 player or listen to Apple music in the car when it needs to use a USB stick. Plus, you can still play and even keep these Apple Music tracks forever even if you don't have an active Apple Music account anymore.

To help you get started, here's a list of the best Apple Music Converters that you can use in 2022. We have spent hours testing all these converters in order to recommend the best options for you.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is an all-in-one iTunes audio converter that provides fast, high-quality conversion and supports a wide range of output formats including MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV. With this tool, you can convert Apple Music singles, albums, playlists, and even all songs from an artist's page to most major digital formats, and save them to your PC or device for offline playback.

It comes with a web player that looks exactly like the one of Apple Music. Once you log in to it, it will load your playlists, albums and others like it does on the official web player. Thanks to its user-friendly and straightforward UI, it doesn't take much to figure out how to get this converter working.

The best part of using this software is that it supports speedy conversion (up to 5X speed) and batch conversion, you can quickly convert a playlist that includeshundreds of songs with the shortest time possible. In our test, it took 36 seconds to convert a 5-minute AppleMusic track. Besides, you will find most music converters on the market won't allow you to change conversionspeed on Mac. That makes sense why it ranks the best music converter for Mac especially.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter, as a professional Apple audio converter, provides the option to convert Apple Music M4P songs between compressed and uncompressed formats. Example of compressed formats includeMP3 and that of uncompressed format is WAV. 350c69d7ab


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