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Buy Outdoor Curtains

Curtain of the Week: Cabana Regatta. Its blend of deep blues and pearly whites form a distinctly pristine striped pattern to enhance your beautiful outdoor space.Use Code: WEEKLY10

buy outdoor curtains

The Dupione collection from Sunbrella features a specialty weave that produces a subtle duo-tone color effect. The heaviest of the Sunbrella fabrics, the Dupione collection features a rib-like texture that adds dimension to any indoor or outdoor setting. is home to an exclusive assortment of top quality outdoor curtains, drapery, accessories and hardware for your patio, porch, gazebo and more. We offer an easy-to-navigate hub to an extensive, inspired array of additional outdoor-leisure products for e-shoppers of distinguished tastes.

Our outdoor curtains feature: Sunbrella, a performance fabric industry pioneer, Tempotest, a family owned high performance fabric with its hallmark Italian style, Bella-Dura, our design oriented fabric, and Duracord, our very own in-house fabric, crafted for affordability.

Tempotest fabrics integrate perfectly in any outdoor space creating a protection from the sun radiation, adding a touch of color and elegance. The extra-wide Tempotest collection boasts industry proven high quality fabric in some of the largest panels available. These trusted and tasteful curtains are sure to upgrade any backyard/outdoor area.

Are you in the market for outdoor curtains? What's your fancy? A stylish accent to sway in the wind? Outdoor curtain sheers may be your solution. Want reliable shade and privacy alongside brilliant color and durability? Visit our Polyester and Sunbrella outdoor curtain collections. Shop through our wealth of patio curtains that combine good looks, durability, and reasonable prices, and you are sure to find some outdoor drapes that suit you. And don't forget the hardware! We've got everything you need for a beautiful outdoor curtain treatment anywhere you're looking to create a home outdoors. That's what we here at DFOhome are all about.

Looking for Sunbrella colors to match existing décor? DFOhome has got you covered! We also feature the affordable Polyester curtain line, constructed from the same outdoor-engineered synthetic fabric we use in our finest hammock products. Bring home curtain panels with industry-leading colorfastness and durability. Polyester curtains at incredibly affordable prices provide an excellent alternative for bargain hunters.

We produce our Sunbrella and Polyester outdoor curtains at our facility in Greenville, North Carolina. They are hand sewn from fabrics built to resist fading in the sunlight while preventing the appearance of mold or mildew. These outdoor drapery options are built to last year and again outdoors. Most panels are available in both nickel-plated grommet and tab-top varieties. For a lighter, sunnier look, check out our collection of sheer outdoor curtains. They'll let in more light and add a semi transparent backdrop to your favorite outdoor space.

Is an outdoor curtain project calling you? Use the Phifer Outdoor Fabric Visualizer to see how your favorite GeoBella designs might look in your space. With the help of our sample images, you can play with different colors and textures to find the perfect aesthetic for your outdoor space.

Please be aware that colors on the Internet can be slightly different on various monitors, browsers and devices. Our digital images have the most accurate color possible. We cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen. This collection of curtains has various patterns such as canvas, linen, etc. Please see our returns/refunds policy in case you don't like the product after you receive it.

A design trend highlighted by many recent sales is the use of outdoor curtains to provide both appearance and functionality as homeowners, and hospitality providers expand to porches, patios, and pool areas. Curtains are becoming more common on porches to accessorize, as well as to serve to protect against the sun, wind, and even mosquitoes. They are also used to provide privacy around pools and hot tubs and are also used in outdoor cabanas, pergolas, and tiki bars! We offer curtains that can be used outdoors in our curtain section.

If hanging outdoor curtains, offers several curtain tracks ideal for outdoor use. These outdoor curtain tracks are designed and built to withstand and hold up to outdoor conditions while helping accent outdoor kitchens and seating areas. The uses are limited only by your imagination!

Whether you are a designer, architect or an individual looking for a DIY project, our track and curtain solutions are designed for simple installation. In addition to window curtain hardware, we also provide high quality, commercial grade curtains that are used for many applications such as RVs, bunk beds, cubicles, hospitals, boats and bathrooms. Our customer service team offers expertise and advice that is unmatched. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track!

Sharing how to make outdoor curtain rods for under $20 from a pipe! If you have a patio or deck, you are going to love this DIY curtain rod project. Today I am sharing how we used a metal pipe to make an outdoor rod for our patio. Heavy duty outdoor curtain rods are very expensive (they start at $200!) so we decided to make a curtain rod out of galvanized pipe as it will not rust. You can use a plumbing pipe or electrical pipe for this project.

I cut the electrical pipe with a hacksaw. Keep in mind, if can do this curtain rod project with plumbing pipe and PVC pipe as well. The PVC pipe many times will have writing (branding) on the pipe so you may want to paint the pipe with outdoor paint if you choose that route.

This curtain rod project cost under $20. A far cry from the $200 one that I wanted and I think it looks just as good! Has anyone made their own curtain rods before? Do tell in the comments, I would love to hear other economical ideas and solutions for hanging outdoor drapery.

This is a great idea! If you are looking for a natural look, I used large (about 1 1/2 inch diameter) bamboo for tab top curtains in my bathroom. It is green when you cut it but dries to a more neutral golden tan color.

I just remove the ends on the pipe (they are just sitting there) and add the curtains that way. You can certainly do the other method but you would need to unscrew each time you put up or removed the curtains.

I actually use sheets for my curtains as they are so cheap and they give me no seams for a king size, wide length. They suit weights at the base and can be very attractive. Iron on any motif or stencil, likewise just sew a border all the way around or just on the base and top. Attach tabs via ribbon pieces if wanted.

higreat idea for outdoors! I have made indoor curtain rods with a long wooden dowel (commonly called the closet hanging pole LOL ) I then drilled into the ends of the wood dowel and screwed in a beautiful crystal looking drawer pull. it came out great. I painted the wood dowel, though you could stain it for a wood effect for room that needs that look. Ideas that we share always benefit someone! thank YOU for sharing! ?

I have 1816 foot deck which is connected to my house. I am doing the exact same thing as you did. Could not afford to have it screened in and hanging sheer curtains will give us a breeze and hopefully protection from bugs in the summer.

I love the idea and will be using it for my new pergola and curtains. You said you used eye hooks to support the EMT. I assume since you said eye-hooks, they are closed? How did you get the pipe in? Did you put up the pipe and then connect them in place with the compression fitting? Or am I mistaken and you used an open screw hook and just dropped in the pipe?

Love your outdoor look.I use heavy cotton drop cloths for interiors and it looks great. Also used galvanized pipe.I made the panels double thickness as the sun beats in hard in the summer time.They look tailored and very nice.

You could use a black sheet for the banding, too (which would cut down on the cost even more). But black fades REALLY quickly in the sun, so we thought the outdoor canvas would keep the curtains looking better longer.

Since our curtains were meeting at the corner, we only put a band on the outside edge and the bottom. If you want the band to go all the way around your curtain, you will need to cut one more long piece.

Privacy is key to making your outdoor space feel like a relaxing retreat, but built-in screens and shades can be pricey. For an easy, inexpensive way to block views around your deck or patio, consider hanging outdoor curtains instead.

Made to withstand harsh sun, wind, and rain, exterior draperies help close off your outdoor living area while providing relief from scorching summer weather, including harmful UV rays. "They're practical for keeping the sun out of your eyes, reducing midday heat, and providing privacy in spaces where you might feel more exposed," says Shannon Schomaker, product manager at the window treatment company Graber.

In addition to practical benefits, outdoor curtains are a decorative element that can add personality to your backyard. They're available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns; just be sure to select a material that repels water. "Always choose a fabric that is specifically rated for the outdoors, as traditional drapery fabric will absorb moisture, making it extremely heavy and prone to mold," Schomaker says. The best outdoor curtains also offer UV resistance, which helps prevent the color from fading over time. To prevent wear, look for options made from durable fabric with reinforced tabs or grommets.

When deciding where to hang outdoor curtains, look to the existing structures in your backyard, such as a balcony, deck, patio, or pergola, and determine the best placement. "Take into consideration the general direction of the wind, any nearby foliage, and, most importantly, where you need to block the sun in order to get the most enjoyment out of your space," Schomaker suggests. For example, hang outdoor curtains across the western-facing side of your deck to make sunny afternoons more enjoyable. 041b061a72


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